Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Book Review: The Santa Next Door by Stephanie Cage

By M. J. Joachim

The Santa Next Door is a romance novelette that touches on a very important issue. It is the story of a broken-hearted man who lost a child through an abortion that was not his choice, a story of love gone wrong, only to have his spirit renewed by true love.

In this rapidly flowing story, the reader discovers the pain of loss renewed by the power of love and healing. The characters are easy to relate to, in a story of Christmas love and newfound hope. Set in a countryside in Wales filled with the magic of Christmas, Cage mystifies her characters, drawing readers into the rush and enthusiasm of the season. 

What is it about Bryn that makes him so endearing? And Sue, the single mother scared to find true love, especially from a stranger? How is it that Bryn can have such a tremendously loving heart, when clearly his reserved demeanor declare him lost, broken and unsociable? Love at first sight materializes in a moment in The Santa Next Door, and as it does so, readers are invited to explore the intensity of overcoming pain brought on by things beyond personal control. Readers are encouraged to explore things beyond themselves, and this particular reader couldn’t help but feel more compassion and understanding for those who have no choice.

The Santa Next Door will easily be added to my Recommended Reading List. It is a romance story with so much more, when you read between the lines.

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M. J.

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